The numbers of servers you will need depends on what type of party you are having Cocktail Party, Dinner Buffet, Plated Meal Function, the number of guests you are expecting, the timeline of service for your event, and whether you are using real plates and glass or disposable items. Team Elite will assist you in determining the correct number of servers needed for your event. We reserve the right to require a minimum numbers of servers for a party. If the expectations for service and the physical requirements of the event are so great, the service standards would be compromised using fewer servers.

As trained professionals our servers will assist with all aspects of service for your party. When you place your order with us, we ask you about your needs for set up, service, and breakdown so that we can communicate those expectations to those servers working your event. Every client is different.  If you like to be hands-on, please let us know! If you want us to “run the show” so you can host your party, we need to schedule a server that is comfortable in that position.  As the host(ess) we want to ensure you are happy with your event, so communication is key!

In most cases, yes. If you prefer a server who is more outgoing, or a server that has experience in something very specific to your event, please let us know.

For legal reasons, we cannot guarantee specifically a male server or a female server unless there is a justifiable reason. We take great pride in the professionalism, skill, reliability, and image consciousness of all our staff. All our servers undergo extensive interviews and background checks. In our 20+ years in the event and party industry, we have worked on a wide variety of occasions. If your event is sensitive in nature or has an alternative theme, please let us know so we can schedule a server who will be comfortable with you and you guests. 

Elite Party Servers & Bartenders are bound by  Florida State Laws.   Our servers cannot accept the responsibility or liability of alcohol service if guests are allowed to serve themselves. We do offer a service of TIPs Certified bartenders.  Some of our servers are also bartenders, so please be specific if you need a server to provide a dual role. 

All of our bartenders are required to have current certifications in the TIPS Alcohol Awareness Program and State of Florida Liquor Law Training. Per state law, we will serve alcohol responsibly at your party by I.D.’ing anyone 30 years or younger and by monitoring guests to prevent overconsumption.

Our servers are trained in a wide variety of serving techniques. Basic food preparation such as reheating something in the oven, or preparing a frozen appetizer using instructions on the box are commonly asked for. If you need a server that is skilled in the kitchen, or if you will need our servers to plate up a served meal, please let us know. We are fortunate to have many servers that also have Culinary Arts experience. However their availability may be limited.

If you are looking for a server to handle the backyard BBQ grill, they will be separate from servers, and will not be participating in both. 

Your server will not handle any monetary transaction other than gratuity.   Gratuity should not be included in the payment for the services and should be given to the server directly unless agreed upon prior to your event.  We accept a variety of payments, for your convenience, so you won’t have to worry about payment the day of your event. 

We do not require a signed contract. When you place your order online, or by phone, you agree to term of service and conditions of using our services. You will receive a confirmation of your order by email, and that is your guarantee that we are providing services for your event. We do require 25% of the intended party total amount, within 10 days of the booking your event, to insure your order. If you decide to keep any of our servers past the negotiated time previously discussed, the charge per servers will be discussed with the Owner. There is a four hour minimum, per server or griller. There will be an extra charge for traveling out of normal business areas, and holidays. 

Gratuity is based on the size of the party, how much setup, service, and breakdown is involved. We do NOT recommend basing your gratuity on a percentage like you would do in a restaurant, because in that situation you are generally tipping on a food and beverage total. Tipping based on the service you receive is more appropriate when dealing with labor only. On average, our servers receive between $25-$75 per server depending on the type of event they service and how long the shift was. Certainly there are times when the tip should be greater, but it is up to each client to decide what they feel is appropriate.

No, we arrive at your location ready to set up your food and your supplies. Prior to your event we will be communicating with you about expectations to make your event run as smooth and as organized as you dreamed it would be.  Our bartenders have bar equipment and servers will be prepared with food service gloves.  Serving trays are available at no additional charge, just let us know prior to the event.  We have serving platters available as well as glassware for rent.

The following information sheet will provide additional information to assist you in an expertly planned event!  Event Tips